Advance Connection Group (ACG)

Success in this industry is about having a very structured business model, many agents in the market don’t have a daily prospecting plan. Some agents may not have the resources to run ads online to get new leads.

In MLD, we believe there are ways to create sales without spending a lot of money. Inspired by how insurance agents create leads through warm contacts, we apply an enhanced framework to create FREE LEADS so that everyone can be more consistent in acquiring new clients

  • Course objective is to create FOC prospecting on a day to day basis.
  • Day 1: Connection basics, concepts of following up with warm leads and setting up of WhatsApp business profile.
  • Day 2: Using Social Media platforms to connect and tap on your warm network to get leads, without being pushy or irritating.
  • Day 3: Triggering your Facebook and Propertyguru pages to meet you for a presentation using tele and whatsapp scripts.
  • Day 4: Using low cost apps to create regular digital content like graphics and videos.
  • Activity + Theory based.
  • Group challenges with prizes.
  • Held quarterly across 4 days with 3-hour sessions each day.