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Here at MLD, efficiency is our goal. Using technology to Transform, Revolutionize and Maximize home search & marketing through the system of marketing and home shortlist. The MLD Islandwide Open House!

MLD Islandwide Open House brings homes to you, at the comforts of your home! All you have to do is Click, Connect & View.

Islandwide Virtual Open House

Updated as of 20th June 2020, 2:00AM

Notice: With the Recent Resumption of Covid 19 Measures on 16th of May, here are the updated restrictions:

Only 2 people from outside the household can visit a home a day.
Buyers can only view 2 homes a day.
And stay tuned! We are introducing a new system for consumers and agents.

DateTimeTypePropertySqftAddressPriceFormatZoom Link
21-Jun-205:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM721748C Bedok Reservoir Crescent$490,000 Live ZoomZoom Link
20-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001443A Fajar Road$445,000 Live ZoomZoom Link
14-Jun-205:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM100117A Circuit Road$750,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-205:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR872King Albert Park Residences$1,650,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-205:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206308A Punggol Walk$730,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM872311A Clementi Avenue 4$790,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990282A Sengkang East Avenue$580,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-203:30 PMPTELANDED2314Corner Terrace @ Mimosa Terrace$2,800,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-203:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM94725 Lim Liak Street$620,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1238Yew Tee Residences$1,200,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1087Twin Waterfalls$1,150,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-202:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1313545 Serangoon North Avenue 3$580,000 Virtual Tour
14-Jun-202:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR883East View @10 Brooke Road$1,350,000 Virtual Tour
14-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 2RM495210C Punggol Place$450,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR949Gem Residences$1,580,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-2011:30 AMHDBHDB 4RM89393 Dawson Road$890,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 3RM721424 Bedok North Avenue 1$300,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-2011:00 AMPTELANDED4941The Vision Townhouse$3,200,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 2BR1282Cardiff Residences$1,350,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-2011:00 AMHDBHDB EA1593220 Pasir Ris Street 21$535,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 2BR893The Scala$1,350,000 Live Zoom
14-Jun-2012:30 AMHDBHDB 5RM1206329B Anchorvale Street$598,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-204:30 PMPTEHDB 2RM667Eco Sanctuary$899,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-204:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM131381 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh$888,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM882105 Bedok North Ave 4$365,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001807C Chai Chee Road$700,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1055Blossom Residences$900,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308C Punggol Walk$570,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-203:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184664B Punggol Drive$628,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR861The Sail @ Marina Bay$1,650,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR958Chelsea Grove$1,200,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-203:00 PMPTESTUDIO344Prestige Heights$600,000 Video
13-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPH3132Hilltop Grove$1,990,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB EM1506717 Bedok Reservoir Road$733,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM721303 Clementi Avenue 4$385,000 Virtual Tour
13-Jun-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1130Prive$1,158,000 Video
13-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308A Punggol Walk$595,000 Virtual Tour
13-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206308A Punggol Walk$818,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990310B Punggol Walk$558,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-201:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1216614 Senja Road$500,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-201:30 PMPTEPTE 4BR3735The Interlace$3,780,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-201:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184663C Punggol Drive$630,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-201:15 PMPTEPTE 3BR1249The Tampines Trilliant$1,350,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1173747C Bedok Reservoir Crescent$950,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-201:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR932Botanique At Bartley$1,140,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-2012:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR936The Bayshore$900,000 Virtual Tour
13-Jun-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 3BR1141Parc Vera$1,200,000 Live Zoom
13-Jun-2011:00 AMHDBHDB JB1905820 Woodlands Street 82$768,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-205:45 PMHDBHDB 4RM1011523D Tampines Central 7$589,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-205:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM990376B Hougang Street 32$470,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-205:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001443A Fajar Road$453,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-205:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR872King Albert Park Residences$1,680,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-205:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001522C Tampines Central 7$535,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-204:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001890B Tampines Avenue 1$540,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184175A Yung Kuang Road$510,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-204:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR1206The Waterina$1,670,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308C Punggol Walk$570,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990282A Sengkang East Ave$580,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM937220B Bedok Central$695,000 Virtual Tour
7-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1486Reflections @ Keppel Bay$2,300,000 Virtual Tour
7-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR624The Cristallo$875,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-203:00 PMPTEHDB 3RM829The Watercrest$870,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990265B Compassvale Link$478,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-202:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1324Livia$1,190,000 Video
7-Jun-202:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1227226A Sumang Lane$630,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-202:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308B Punggol Walk$515,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-202:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR614One Eighties Residences$950,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-202:00 PMPTEPTE 4BR1313Vue 8 Residence$1,465,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184294 Punggol Central$605,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-201:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1442Ballota Park$1,150,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-201:30 PMPTEPTE 2BR1033The Canopy$860,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-201:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR431The Panorama$650,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR872High Park Residences$980,000 Virtual Tour
7-Jun-2012:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001635B Senja Road$476,000 Video
7-Jun-2012:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001666B Punggol Drive$535,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-2012:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001635B Senja Road$460,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-2011:45 AMHDBHDB 4RM968664A Punggol Drive$478,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-2011:00 AMPTEPH2056Gallery 8$1,887,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 3BR1130Prive$1,158,000 Video
7-Jun-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 3BR1044The Scala$1,550,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 4RM990315B Punggol Way$535,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 4RM104492 Dawson Road$940,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 5RM131381 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh$888,000 Live Zoom
7-Jun-203:30 AMHDBHDB 5RM1463259 Ang Mo Kio Ave 2$780,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-207:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1055Blossom Residences$960,000 Virtual Tour
6-Jun-205:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001807C Chai Chee Road$700,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-205:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR947J Gateway$3,600 Live Zoom
6-Jun-204:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1216807C Chai Chee Road$855,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1109Twin Waterfalls$1,199,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1130747B Bedok Reservoir Crescent$790,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-204:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR1012Spring Grove$1,630,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1130The Tampines Trilliant$1,230,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-204:00 PMHDBHDB EA1593220 Pasir Ris Street 21$527,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-203:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1087Twin Waterfalls EC$1,150,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR861The Sail @ Marina Bay$1,650,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-203:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR517Palm Isles$580,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-203:00 PMPTELANDED3184Cluster Terrace @ Atelier Villas$2,200,000 Video
6-Jun-203:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM72118D Circuit Road$468,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-203:00 PMHDBHDB EM1582149 Meiling Street$938,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-203:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1323135 Simei Street 1$600,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-202:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1130The Tampines Trilliant$1,280,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB EM1506717 Bedok Reservoir Road$733,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM129117 Telok Blangah Crescent$800,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-202:00 PMPTELANDED1500Terrace @ Mulberry Avenue$2,350,000 Video
6-Jun-202:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR872The Canopy$750,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-202:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM94725 Lim Liak Street$620,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1173747C Bedok Reservoir Crescent$950,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR969Lakeville$1,300,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-2012:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001636C Senja Road$510,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-2011:45 AMHDBHDB 4RM1001488A Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5$450,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-2011:30 AMPTELANDED1640Jalan Rindu Road$1,750,000 Video
6-Jun-2010:30 AMHDBHDB 4RM1001636C Senja Road$428,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-2010:30 AMPTEHDB 3RM1119Parkview Apartments$865,000 Live Zoom
6-Jun-2010:00 AMHDBHDB 5RM1483158 Bishan Street 13$765,000 Live Zoom
1-Jun-2012:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR900La Fiesta$1,100,000
31-May-206:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR10551 Canberra$900,000
31-May-205:30 PMPTEPTE 2BR635The Wisteria$890,000
31-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM915180 Bedok North Road$680,000
31-May-205:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR829Woodsville 28$1,200,000
31-May-205:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR861Suites 28$1,080,000
31-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990310B Punggol Walk$550,000
31-May-204:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR969Hillview 128$990,000
31-May-204:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM990265B Compassvale Link$478,000
31-May-204:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1345232 Tampines Street 21$565,000
31-May-204:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001890B Tampines Avenue 1$540,000
31-May-204:30 PMHDBHDB MG1765666 Yishun Avenue 4$730,000
31-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM721748C Bedok Reservoir Crescent$499,000
31-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1281506 Bedok North Avenue 3$495,000
31-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM689171 Bishan Street 13$450,000
31-May-204:00 PMPTELANDED5000Hai Sing Park$4,600,000
31-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1130Prive$1,158,000
31-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1087Twin Waterfalls$1,150,000
31-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990376B Hougang Street 32$470,000
31-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM125955 Geylang Bahru$598,000
31-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1313545 Serangoon North$580,000
31-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1151842B Tampines Street 82$500,000
31-May-203:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1130747B Bedok Reservoir Crescent$790,000
31-May-203:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1302312 Shunfu Road$750,000
31-May-203:30 PMPTESTUDIO344Prestige Heights$599,000
31-May-203:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1044206 Jurong East Street 21$420,000
31-May-203:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1109Twin Waterfalls$1,190,000
31-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM94728B Dover Crescent$650,000
31-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR1227Evelyn Mansions$1,850,000
31-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1001Esparina Residences$1,060,000
31-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR990The Nautical$1,050,000
31-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1830Nim Gardens$1,850,000
31-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1442306 Hougang Avenue 5$520,000
31-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1324The Livia$1,190,000
31-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184294 Punngol Central$605,000
31-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990282A Sengkang East Avenue$580,000
31-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1421242 Bishan Street 22$777,000
31-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 3RM94725 Lim Liak Street$620,000
31-May-202:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1227Parc Oasis$1,138,888
31-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308B Punggol Walk$515,000
31-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM980139A Lorong 1A Toa Payoh$968,000
31-May-202:15 PMHDBHDB 4RM979588 Woodlands Drive 16$458,000
31-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1237773 Bedok Reservoir View$680,000
31-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM102293 Dawson Road$930,000
31-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR431The Octet$585,000
31-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR980Forest Woods$1,650,000
31-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1647Symphony Heights$2,200,000
31-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1647The Hillside$1,880,000
31-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184175A Yung Kuang Road$510,000
31-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308C Punggol Walk$535,000
31-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184664B Punggol Drive$628,000
31-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206317A Yishun Avenue 9$550,000
31-May-201:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1323135 Simei Street 1$618,000
31-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR431The Panorama$690,000
31-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM969386 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5$460,000
31-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM11849 Cantonment Close$850,000
31-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206308A Punggol Walk$730,000
31-May-2012:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM861311B Clementi Avenue 4$750,000
31-May-2012:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR129232 Woodlands Crescent, Northoaks$780,000
31-May-2011:30 AMHDBHDB 3RM70093 Dawson Road$709,000
31-May-2011:00 AMPTELANDED4941The Vision$3,200,000
31-May-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 2BR1282Cardiff Residences$1,350,000
31-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 3RM495210C Punggol Place$250,000
31-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 4RM1001259A Punggol Field$498,000
31-May-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 3BR1044The Scala$1,550,000
30-May-208:30 PMPTEPTE 2BR947Riversails$1,068,000
30-May-207:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206308C Punggol Walk$688,000
30-May-206:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1291281 Toh Guan Road$650,000
30-May-205:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM100117A Circuit Road$800,000
30-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB EM1572115 Clementi Street$860,000
30-May-205:00 PMPTELANDED1500Mulberry Avenue$2,350,000
30-May-205:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR151815 Elias Green$1,000,000
30-May-205:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1173River Isles$1,150,000
30-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM721348A Yishun Avenue 11$450,000
30-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM936748C Bedok Reservoir Crescent$750,000
30-May-204:45 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001807C Chai Chee Road$700,000
30-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1281506 Bedok North Avenue 3$495,000
30-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1011807A Chai Chee Road$659,000
30-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1001807C Chai Chee Road$855,000
30-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR59276 Shenton$1,150,000
30-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR807Alexis Condo$1,080,000
30-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1238The Infiniti$1,340,000
30-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR850Mackenzie 88$1,559,000
30-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR743Watercolours$750,000
30-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB EA1593220 Pasir Ris Street 21$527,000
30-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM93690 Dawson Road$899,000
30-May-203:30 PMPTEPTE 2BR711Hillion Residences$1,056,000
30-May-203:30 PMPTEPTE 1BR550Guillemard Suites$860,000
30-May-203:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1582Hillview Green$1,650,000
30-May-203:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM93693 Dawson Road$850,000
30-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM936220B Bedok Central$695,000
30-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR861The Sail @ Marina Bay$1,650,000
30-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM979253 Hougang Avenue 3$375,000
30-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1291111 Jurong East Street 13$620,000
30-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM980138B Yuan Ching Road$678,000
30-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1324The Livia$1,190,000
30-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB EM1582149 Meiling Street$938,000
30-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1011435C Fernvale Road$468,000
30-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR797The Arc At Tampines$850,000
30-May-202:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1055Blossom Residences$910,000
30-May-202:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1302My Manhattan$1,700,000
30-May-202:15 PMPTEPTE 1BR495Riverbank @ Fernvale$600,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB EM1506717 Bedok Reservoir Road$733,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001443A Fajar Rd$465,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001487 Segar Road$415,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001635B Senja Road$460,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM129117 Telok Blangah Crescent$769,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1485Pavilion 11$2,600,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR463Centra Heights$769,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR484Park Place Residences$980,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 4BR1539Livia$1,380,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR797Q Bay Residences$900,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTELANDED2648The Silver Spurz$2,200,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1023Regent Heights$800,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001470B Upper Serangoon Crescent$500,000
30-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1270NV Residences$1,250,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1184297 Punggol Central$585,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990315B Punggol Way$535,000
30-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM732494D Tampines Street 43$400,000
30-May-201:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1055Blossom Residences$978,000
30-May-201:30 PMPTEPTE 4BR3735The Interlace$3,780,000
30-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR431The Panorama$690,000
30-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1173747C Bedok Reservoir Crescent$950,000
30-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1237773 Bedok Reservoir View$680,000
30-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990487B Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5$400,000
30-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1530Mandarin Gardens$1,750,000
30-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1130The Tampines Trilliant$1,280,000
30-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 4BR1292The Topiary$1,400,000
30-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM96989 Tanglin Halt$820,000
30-May-2012:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1313The Sail @ Marina Bay$2,620,000
30-May-2012:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR969Lakeville$1,300,000
30-May-2012:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990431B Yishun Avenue 1$408,000
30-May-2011:30 AMPTEPH4845Waterfall Gardens$7,500,000
30-May-2011:30 AMPTEPTE 2BR883h20 Residences$991,000
30-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB EA1582104A Ang Mo Kio Street 11$828,000
30-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 5RM1313331 Bukit Batok Street 33$435,000
30-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 4RM98016 St George Road$460,000
30-May-2011:00 AMPTELANDED3184Atelier Villas$2,200,000
30-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 5RM1206308A Punggol Walk$800,000
30-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 5RM1216669A Edgefield Plains$630,000
30-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB EA1367435C Anchorvale Drive$640,000
30-May-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 2BR829Esparina Residences$980,000
30-May-2011:00 AMPTELANDED19487 Jalan Chulek$1,250,000
30-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 3RM667519 Tampines Central 8$528,000
30-May-2010:00 AMHDBHDB 5RM1130138D Yuan Ching Road$750,000
29-May-203:30 PMPTEPH2243Woodgrove Condo$1,650,000
28-May-2011:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1238241 Compassvale Walk$500,000
28-May-208:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR463Foresque Residences$648,000
28-May-203:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1115Royale Mansions$1,250,000
28-May-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 3BR2270Bedok Court$2,100,000
28-May-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 3BR1227The Bayshore$1,350,000
28-May-207:30 AMHDBHDB 5RM1464259 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2$780,000
26-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001807C Chai Chee Road$700,000
24-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM915180 Bedok North Avenue 3$680,000
24-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB EM1593466 Pasir Ris Street 41$650,000
24-May-205:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM667519A Tampines Central 8$528,000
24-May-204:00 PMPTEPH4845Waterfall Gardens$7,500,000
24-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1023North Park Residences$1,589,000
24-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR1055One Canberra$950,000
24-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990282 Sengkang East Avenue$580,000
24-May-203:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1109Twin Waterfalls$1,199,000
24-May-203:30 PMPTEPTE 2BR711Hillion Residences$1,560,000
24-May-203:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1184294 Punggol Central$605,000
24-May-203:00 PMPTEHDB EM1506717 Bedok Reservoir Road$748,000
24-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM721748C Bedok Reservior Crescent$500,000
24-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR936E Maison$1,390,000
24-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1658Citylife @ Tampines EC$1,780,000
24-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1055Blossom Residences$910,000
24-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR136710 Cactus Drive$1,480,000
24-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990265B Compassvale Link$478,000
24-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001665A Punggol Dr$520,000
24-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 3RM775161 Mei Ling Street$338,000
24-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM990209B Punggol Place$490,000
24-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206317A Yishun Avenue 9$550,000
24-May-202:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1033Daisy Suites$1,150,000
24-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 3RM721336A Anchorvale Crescent$380,000
24-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 3RM721348A Yishun Avenue 11$450,000
24-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR614188 Joo Chiat Terrace$950,000
24-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR872Tampines Trilliant EC$990,000
24-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1055Blossom Residences$978,000
24-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB EA1474974 Hougang Street 91$585,000
24-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206308A Punggol Walk$800,000
24-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206308A Punggol Walk$750,000
24-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1324The Livia$1,190,000
24-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1206475D Upper Serangoon Crescent$730,000
24-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB EM1506717 Bedok Reservoir Road$768,000
24-May-2012:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001635B Senja Road$478,000
24-May-2012:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308B Punggol Walk$515,000
24-May-2012:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR1130Zenith At Zion$1,800,000
24-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 4RM1001259A Punggol Field$498,000
24-May-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 3BR1044The Scala$1,550,000
23-May-205:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR74321 Pasir Ris Link$770,000
23-May-204:30 PMPTEPTE 2BR667Eco Sanctuary$899,000
23-May-204:30 PMHDBHDB EA1593220 Pasir Ris Street 21$527,000
23-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1131Tampines Trilliant$1,280,000
23-May-204:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR9582 Martaban Road$1,200,000
23-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001890B Tampines Avenue 1$535,000
23-May-204:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001271B Punggol Walk$560,000
23-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM1001487 Segar road$420,000
23-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990376B Hougang Street 32$470,000
23-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1464259 Ang Mo Kio Ave 2$780,000
23-May-203:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR614The Tennery$720,000
23-May-203:00 PMHDBHDB 4RM990308A Punggol Walk$580,000
23-May-202:30 PMPTEPH3132Hilltop Grove$1,990,000
23-May-202:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM100117A Circuit Road$750,000
23-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM129117 Telok Blangah Crescent$769,000
23-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1389Balmoral Hills$3,000,000
23-May-202:00 PMPTEPH1874Eden View$1,874,000
23-May-202:00 PMPTELANDED2648The Silver Spurz$2,200,000
23-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1302Caspian$1,470,000
23-May-202:00 PMPTEPTE 5BR161525 Verde Crescent$1,580,000
23-May-202:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM121611 Pine Close$868,000
23-May-201:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR915Twin Waterfalls$950,000
23-May-201:30 PMPTEPTE 3BR1130Prive$1,158,000
23-May-201:30 PMHDBHDB 4RM1011435C Fernvale Road$468,000
23-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 1BR43116 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2$690,000
23-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1227Parc Oasis$1,139,000
23-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 2BR807The Hillier$1,200,000
23-May-201:00 PMHDBHDB 5RM1194685B Jurong West Street 64$562,000
23-May-201:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR969Lakeville$1,300,000
23-May-2012:00 PMPTEPTE 3BR1130EastPoint Green$880,000
23-May-2011:45 AMHDBHDB 5RM1130138B Yuan Ching Road$690,000
23-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 3RM721Blk 309 Clementi Ave 4$330,000
23-May-2011:00 AMPTEPTE 2BR840Mackenzie 88$1,550,000
23-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 4RM969664D Jurong West St 64$410,000
23-May-2011:00 AMHDBHDB 5RM1216669A Edgefield Plains$630,000
23-May-2010:30 AMPTEPTE 3BR2000Sophia Residence$3,200,000
23-May-2010:30 AMPTEPTE 2BR947Riversails$1,068,000
23-May-2010:30 AMHDBHDB 5RM1206308B Punggol Walk$800,000
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