Advance Advisory Program (AAP)

The Advance Advisory Program is specially curated to enable us to present ourselves as consultants of real estate that provide clients with detail and visuals. This is a step up from being a transactor of real estate.

Consumers these days are getting more sophisticated and well educated, therefore the only way to connect and convince clients is to position ourselves as a consultant using hard facts in figures.

Through presentation we are able to qualify, gauge level of motivation, and instill confidence to the clients to stick to us and also to take action.Therefore, having a pin point presentation that is contextualized for different market segment will allow our agents to plug and play without having to learn all the basic calculations.

  • Aims to provide a 30-40 minute presentation to speak to different market segments like first timers, upgraders, condo owners and high end segments.
  • Providing you with insights of all the most common objections faced when speaking to each of these market segments.
  • Brought to you by our consistent top achievers who consistently cross $500k personal sales each year.
  • Held quarterly across 2 days for a total of 5 hours.