Advance Start Up Program (ASP)

An intensive 9 session course, the Advance Start Up Program is suitable for both new and experienced agents, to guide new agents to start off on the right foot, and to help experienced agents recalibrate their skillsets to meet the needs and demands of the ever-changing market.

The topics have been carefully created and the content regularly updated to empower our team members with the best and latest details and trends. With sessions being interactive, the scope to learn is extensive.

The 9 sessions are hosted by various top performing realtors, who are also recognised for their transparent sharing. Marcus Luah himself will kickoff the initial session, where you will view and start to develop the amazing culture of the team.

Realtors will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to hit the ground running after completing this signature program.

  • Day 1: RES Orientation and Sharing.
  • Day 2: Market Sentiments and Buyer Exclusive.
  • Day 3: HDB Timeline.
  • Day 4: Private Timeline (Resale and BUC).
  • Day 5: Call Handling.
  • Day 6: Negotiation and Closing.
  • Day 7: Listing Presentation.
  • Day 8: Showflat Mastery.
  • Day 9: Buyer Checklist and Seller Checklist.
  • Held quarterly across 9 days with 2-hour sessions each day.