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Marcus Luah Division Annual Dinner 10th February 2020 at Shangri-La Hotel


It’s a night of stars and glamour as #MLD Family came together to celebrate a whole year of hard work! With our amazing backdrops set to dazzle, this year we set our stage at the grand island ballroom at Shangri-la.

Being the first ever division to upscale our annual dinner to such level; we are proud to see the growth of #Marcusluahdivision from small scale chalets to hotel ballrooms. From a mere 30 agents to 1200 agents! Creating millionaires and young leaders, the division has came a long way. But we will continue to grow and implement many exciting new initiatives!

Marcus Luah

Property Investor and Coach

Marcus Luah Division Advance Prospecting Group Batch 5 Graduation Night

Advance Prospecting Group (APG) Batch 5 Graduation Night

42 Participants

14 Facilitators

5 Chief Facilitators

3 Sessions per week

3 Weeks long …

This is our 5th batch running and without fail, we will hold a graduation 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓 night to celebrate 🎉 for our participants who has completed the program successfully. It was a night where we just totally forget about work and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest 🍻🍔🎱🎶 We also discovered some hidden singing 🎤 talents on that night 😄

Watch this video to see how much fun we had on the graduation night and hear from our participants what is this program APG about and how it can help you to breakthrough to the next level ?

Marcus Luah Division Mid Year Party 2019 @ Level Up Clarke Quay (PropNex Champion Team 2018)

Individually We Are One Drop, Together We’re One Ocean.

As a #InvestorRealtor it is crucial for us to share ideas and info to better value-add to our clients timely. The property market changes Everyday and that’s why people say our network is our net worth. And it is all because of the people who believe in team work which brought us to become the Youngest Advisory District and the Champion Team in PropNex. No matter how big we become we will still maintain the culture of sharing, caring and having fun together just like the way we were when we’re a small team. This event says everything about the bubbly spirits of our team and we will stick closely so that we can all grow our clients’ and also our own asset portfolios in the right way.

Marcus Luah Division Chinese New Year 2019 @ Marriott Tang Plaza (PropNex PNG)

#MarcusLuahDivision, 2018 PropNex Overall Champion celebrates CNY as one big family at Marriott Ballroom.

Grateful to the CNY committee members as they organised an array of programs to pamper and appreciate the contribution of this family:

5 time Lion Dance National Champion to usher in the fortune pig year; sumptuous Marriott Lohei spread; a personalised Hermes appreciation gift for the TOP 30 Achievers; A pair of tix to Japan, Australia and Hongkong for the TOP 3 Achievers. Most importantly, the culture of giving back through the collective effort of the leaders and managers, contributing to the pool of lucky draw. We are blessed with such a tight knitted culture and environment that makes the real estate marathon such a smooth journey. Onward to greater success in 2019! Grew from a small family of 350 agents to a big family of 650 agents is never easy. Let’s welcome more people into our family and we grow, learn and have joy together! ❤

Choose the right agency and the right family! ✅

Embarking as one, wish everyone a greater success in 2019! 🍀

Lastly thanks all the committees for ensuring a smooth event. 😊

Achievers Lunch June 2018 PNG Marcus Luah Division (Propnex Powerful Negotiators Group)

Terra Tokyo Italian omakase lunch with the achievers. The food was fantastic and the server did a great job at making us comfortable. Certainly a great place for people to catch up and enjoy quality cuisine.

Mid Year Fireworks Party Marcus Luah Division (Powerful Negotiators Group Propnex)

It was a splendid night at #MarcusLuahDivision Mid Year Party at Smoke & Mirrors!

We celebrated our division’s milestone of more than 500 agents #mld500. With skillful emcee to set up the mood and atmosphere, we were greeted with spectacular fireworks performance amidst the panoramic MBS city skyline. The first ever real estate division to hold an event with live fireworks performance. The personality bingo game bonded everybody together, breaking down barriers amongst all members, an opportunity to know each other deeper and better. And not to forget our signature MLD pen which everyone looks forward to receiving each time at our events. It promoted cohesiveness and warmth within this wonderful family, a family that we can truly call home.